Next Generation PROWLER System

Nitor Technologies and its sister company Environmental Monitoring Technologies (EMT) are undergoing their first phase of development of the next generation of the PROWLER system.

The next generation of the PROWLER system will include an upgrade of the existing Low Level Leak Detection System and an addition of the PROWLER Emergency Response Leak Detection System Application. This will be known as the Dual Action PROWLER.

The Dual Action PROWLER combines the functions of the Emergency Response PROWLER with the location abilities of the Low Level leak Detection PROWLER to give a wider range of leak detection capability.

This is accomplished by using two separate Vapor Sensitive Tubes (VSTs) which are buried together along the pipeline. By alternating VSTs, one pumping and the other sitting dormant (diffusing any leak vapor), both modes can be accomplished using the same singular pump detection unit.

The Low Level Leak Detection PROWLER has the ability to detect very small leaks from underground pipelines and storage tanks. The PROWLER's VST remains buried in the ground. Over the span of several hours, the vapor defuses into the sensor tub. At predetermined time intervals the vacuum pump evacuates the contents through the detector unit.

The Emergency Response Mode PROWLER provides leak detection with a faster detection time because it does not rely on the long diffusion time of the low level leak detection mode. Additionally, it runs continuously so it does lack the ability to make a precise determination of a leak location. In this mode it does require the leak source to be larger or higher in concentration.

The Filter Dryer system and software will be upgraded to accommodate these changes.

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